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Digital Matrix Mixers

Available in two versions 16 inputs / 8 outputs and 8 inputs / 4 outputs this matrix is a comprehensive system which integrates, 24bit / 48kHz sample rate DSP processor, automatic microphone mixing function and dynamic processor into one unit. The high quality DSP processor includes a wide range of usefull features such as HP filter, input and output 4 PEQ, 31 band Graphic EQ, up to 680ms delay, automatic limiter and much more are available to adapt the system at whichever application requirements. Its system of 20 presets allows for full recall of the whole system or individual parameters only. The unit is provide with an intuitive software complete of flexible audio management tools, essential for the sound system configuration. All presets can be back-up onto PC and loaded into the unit as and when required. The system can be easily controlled and programmed without the use of PC thanks the 2x20 backlight display and the front panel controls and indicators. All of this features make this device the all-round product for audio applications requiring signal processing, such as places of worship, auditoriums, congress centres and many other commercial sound applications.

Digital Matrix Mixer
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Place of Worship, Conferences, Auditorium

Main Features

Mixer Section:
- 16 / 8 balanced Mic/Line XLR inputs
- 2 / 1 stereo CD/AUX RCA inputs
- 8 / 4 balanced Line XLR outputs
- 2 / 1 stereo AUX RCA outputs
- Selectable 48Vdc Phantom Supply
- Arranged for 19 rack mounting in 2 unit space
DSP Section:
- 16x8 channels 24bit/48kHz DSP Processor
- Easy handling front panel controls
- Intuitive User GUI for configuration from PC
- Automatic Mixer function
- Routing matrix function
- 20 memory Presets
- RS232 for remote control
- USB for PC monitoring and programming
- Input, Output and Master Gain controls
- HP filter for each input
- 3 PEQ for each input
- Dynamic Processor for each input
- 31 band Graphic EQ for each output
- 4 PEQ for each output
- Delay (680ms/233mt Max) for each output
- Dynamic Processor for each output
- Automatic Limiter

- Phase Reverse for each output